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August, 2014

President's Message

I hope this message finds you well, enjoying what is left of summer sports season, vacation, or for those of us in the academic world (including students!), gearing up for our new season.

Thank you to those of you that attended the CATA conference in Winnipeg. The weather was quite pleasant, for those that thought it would be too cold. And for those that just weren’t sure the program was for you, well I’d say you missed out on some excellent learning opportunities. The updates and lessons given in nutrition, physical literacy, motivation, business, and hands-on techniques were top notch. And, anyone not there missed out on some great parties and networking opportunities. That being written, we will be asking you some questions in the coming months about why you choose (or choose not) to go to the CATA conference. We wish to make improvements (to a generally well-valued conference, by those in attendance) to make it what you want it to be, and in turn attract you to this learning opportunity and improve your AT practice.  When we ask, please take a few minutes to answer; we don’t know, if you don’t tell us. Next year’s conference will be in Halifax on May 28-30. Mark your calendars!

Just because it is summer does not mean the CATA staff, executive, and committees have stopped their work. We have completed a new iteration of the practical exam, which I’m pleased went smoothly. Thank you to CBoCAT for their hard work, and continued work to improve the exam to new standards. I also want to thank all of you that helped run the exam, and congratulate all the new “CAT(C)” members.

As well, the CATA International Relations Committee (IRC) continues to make friends and build relationships across the globe. The entire IRC deserves thanks, but especially the due diligence of Glen Bergeron has led us to the doorstep of increasing our collaboration of recognition with Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy, Ireland (ARTI). We expect to sign a memorandum of understanding in September at the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy in Dublin, Ireland (Sept 4-6 if you are interested in attending -

We have recently finished National Athletic Therapy Month, and the awards will be deliberated on and announced soon. I’m grateful for the PR we received from the events this year and ask all members to continue to spread the word about Athletic Therapy. We need everyone to be on the same team, speaking about Athletic Therapists, educating people about what we do, and how well we are trained, and to promote AT, and CAT(C) recognition. We are getting better every year, but we must continue to maintain our progress. I thank you in advance.

I wish you all the best for the Fall.

Richard DeMont

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