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August, 2014

CTSQ Update

There were a lot of changes in 2013 for Quebec. The CTSQ put together an AdHoc Concussion Committee for the purpose of creating a Concussion Standards Document as a guide for our membership as well as a reference tool for the public. Its development is to provide a standard of practice that is expected of all Athletic Therapists when providing concussion management across the province of Quebec. We hope this tool will demonstrate and promote that Athletic Therapists are trained professionals in the field in concussion management and expand our profile to the government and community at large. The CTSQ has hired a strategic consultant, Pierre Lizotte, to strategize a plan to continue our efforts to become a professional order in Quebec. We believe that our current temporary recognized status and supported decree with the Collège Des Médicine is not a permanent solution to long-term viability in the health care system in Quebec. To achieve permanent status steps have been taken to prepare our governance and membership for this outcome. With guidance from Pierre Lizotte, the CTSQ has put together a Continuing Education Committee, created a new website, and progressed in the discussion with l'Université du Québec du Trois Rivières to assist in the establishment of an accredited French University Athletic Therapy program in Quebec.

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