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April, 2014

New Selection Process for Major Games

Members wishing to apply for major games will now have to apply through CATA’s website. 

For CATA’s application process:

  • Go to and login to the members site.
  • Under ‘My Member Info’, choose Applications and then Major Games.
  • Once in, you need to check the box(es) of the games you want to apply for and then either update your major games application or fill it in for the first time.
  • If you are applying for a CT and/or core position, you must check that box or the one just for the HST.

All applicants must now also complete the process on the COC’s Canadian Athlete Monitoring System (CAMP) website.  There are two parts to this: a “profile” part and an “application” part. Make sure you do both. Here is a link to the ‘CAMP – Getting Started Presentation’ which describes the process. This is lengthy process so don’t wait until the last minute.

Questions about the CATA process can be directed to  and questions on the CAMP process can be directed to




In order to apply to the Games all candidates must register through CAMP: 


  1. To obtain a user account in CAMP, open an internet browser (using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and go to:
    Note: If you already have a confirmed user account, skip registration and go to “Create your profile” to login
  2. Click the “register” button in the upper left portion of your screen
  3. Provide some basic data to obtain a CAMP account: your first name, last name, username (firstname.lastname), password and email address are required
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the form
  5. Open a new internet browser and go to: Login to CAMP using your email address as your Username and Password you chose previously
  6. Click on “Enter New CAMP Registration Details
  7. Complete your CAMP Registration Details - Be sure to answer “Yes” to the “Enable Major Games Health Team Registration” question on the form
  8. Click “Continue Registration” button at the bottom of the form when you are done
  9. Your request for a user account in CAMP will be processed by the CAMP System Administrators. You may experience a short delay, but if you have not heard confirmation via email within a few days, please contact You can create your profile once you have received a confirmation of you user account in CAMP

CREATE YOUR PROFILE (once you have a confirmed user account):

  1. Click on the “Groups” button
  2. Select the “Accounts” Group from your list
  3. Click on “Save
  4. Click on the “My Profile” button
  5. Click on the dropdown menu under “Profile
  6. Select “Staff Intake Profile”, complete the form and click on “Save Changes
  7. Select “Staff Private Profile”, complete the form and click on “Save Changes
  8. Select “Staff Professional HST Profile”, complete the form and click on “Save Changes


  1. On the left side of the screen under “My Athletes”, click on “ (+) Major Games Registration” –
  2. Click on your name, if you don’t see the complete menu under your name
  3. Click on For Example “HST-Pan Am Games 2015 Toronto
  4. Click on “New HST – Pan Am Games 2015 Toronto
  5. Complete the form by indicating the position you are applying for
  6. Click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page

If you encounter difficulties while logging in or using CAMP, please contact:

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