April, 2014

OATA Spring 2014 Report

Professional Help with OATA Finances

With changes to the Not-for-Profit Accounting and Bookkeeping regulations, we have had to create many new documents that did not exist in the past so that we are compliant with the new rules of audits and accounting practices. To that end, we have had to seek more professional help, and we are extremely pleased to announce to the membership that Umair Tasadduq, an employee of a national accounting firm has agreed to sit on our finance committee. Umair has decided to take a leadership role in helping associations wrestle with the new rules for Not-for-Profit accounting. He will help us create new policies and operational guidelines to help direct Athletic Therapy in Ontario into the future with solid accounting practices.

We are doubly blessed because Umair can be a valuable resource for all of the OATA membership on business accounting practices and give advice on getting loans, accounting and bookkeeping practices. The entire board wishes to thank Umair for reaching out to our association and we look forward to their help in guiding us in placing the OATA on even greater financial foundations than we already enjoy. In our discussions, they have advised us we are well ahead of the curve in our preparation for the passage of the new Not-for-Profit regulations in 2015.

Falls Prevention Program

We are quickly maturing as a health profession, under the guidance of CG Group Management; we have enjoyed unprecedented communication with the Ministry of Health. With our new found leverage, the Best Practices Committee, as part of my mandate, created a Falls Prevention Program at the invitation of the Ministry. The Ministry of Health has created a pool of $10,000,000 for Falls Prevention Programs that are to be executed in our retirement homes across the province. Our proposal, based on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), good old fashion Athletic Therapy common sense and expertise, has resulted in our proposal being accepted for a pilot project. Stef Moser will head a group that will implement this pilot project and the OATA hopes this is the start of many more projects similar to this.

The Power of Social Media-The Good

The OATA membership has been using Social Media; the OATA LinkedIn Group in particular to share information. We can unveil this information now and it is on the OATA website in our members section. We have an impressive list of companies and providers that provide Athletic Therapy coverage.

I would like to thank Steve Lumley and Scott Gallagher for starting this process and to all the members that contributed to this list. I would also call on any of you that have success in billing different companies and insurance providers to send in those successes so we can include them on our list. This is a job that the BOD could not do without the input of the membership!

The Power of Social Media-The Bad

It has been brought to my attention that a few of our members have been involved in an online “discussion” questioning the relative validity of the Kinesiology profession. It is my hope that we at all times behave professionally with a spirit of inter-professional respect and collaboration, not mud-slinging back and forth.

OATA White Paper

The final and most impressive task under my mandate is the White Paper that we rolled out on April 5th. I cannot thank the chair, Wendy Hampson, enough for her leadership in this project. Her committee of Frances Flint, Joe Kenny and Jamie Laws have pulled together one of the most dynamic documents chronicling the start, the growth and direction of Athletic Therapy in Ontario. We thank CATA for providing funding through the Regional Chapters Grant to help defray some of the costs of this ambitious project. We had to attend a number of garage sales to find a fax machine old enough so we could communicate with Jamie Laws in a timely manner. Interviews of key people in the growth of Athletic Therapy were conducted and we hope to have them converted to mp3 files that will be stored on the OATA website for your listening pleasure and placed in the CATA archives for perpetuity.

We owe a great debt to this group, their work has been outstanding and, as mentioned previously, our efforts will be on the desk of the Minister of Health and key players within the Health Ministry within the month. Our legacy is now there for all to read. I encourage you to download it from the OATA website.

Drew Laskoski CAT(C)
Ontario Athletic Therapist Association

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