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March, 2014

CATA Candidate Network

CATA’s certification candidates make up the future of the organization. That’s why this year, an ambassador project was initiated to better connect Athletic Therapy students across Canada. In the summer of 2013, the CATA Candidate Network was created consisting of representatives of Canada’s seven accredited Athletic Therapy institutions. The project’s goal is to propose methods to increase communication between the CATA Certification Candidates across the country and aid students in preparing for their national exams.

The pilot project serves as a means to provide students a voice to the CATA itself, and we were all very excited to become a part of it. We’re in the process of surveying students at every school to determine what exactly it is that students wish to see delivered the most to candidates from the CATA. We have also already started brainstorming a major plan that we hope to see put into action within due time. With seven accredited institutions across Canada, there are many ideas and opinions about our profession and process of becoming a Certified Athletic Therapist. It is our opinion that, by providing a way to share and diversify these ideas, we can bridge the gap among candidates and between the students and certified members of the association. As such, we have been collaborating on ideas for a proposal to the CATA to create an online forum open to all members of the association in order to bridge the gap. Our vision is to have a place where students and certified members alike can share tips on education and exams, advice concerning continued education, leads on work opportunities, and more. This plan is still in the proposal stages but we’re excited to see where it leads to down the road.

While we’re coming up to the end of our education and a new group of students will hopefully be in our place by the time our ideas come to fruition, we are thankful for the opportunity that we had to kick-start this process. Each one of us can attest that meeting and getting to know one another just between the seven of us was a great experience and we hope to extend that to the rest of the association.

- Jonathan Cain – Camosun College

- Alana Gulka – Sheridan College

- James Greene – Mount Royal University

- Tanis Milne – University of Winnipeg

- Christopher Diktakis – Concordia University

- Daniel Marynowski – York University

- Heath Vermette – University of Manitoba

- Heather Tugnett – CATA Member Services Committee, and Leader of Candidate Network

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