March, 2014

President’s Message

The CATA staff, Board of Directors, and Committees continue to work on your behalf.  Some of you (337) attended the Annual Members Meeting (AMM), in person or online, in January. Thank you for your participation in this important function of membership. At that time, the membership approved modifications to the Bylaw that conform to Canadian statutes. The CATA will continue to have the AMM in this format. We believe it aids participation from across the country without financial consequences associated with travel, but we also recognize challenges associated with this method so, this year, we made some improvements to the process and we will continue to strive to make improvements.

The AMM followed on the heels of the Board of Directors meeting and the Senior Advisory Council (SAC) meeting, which is composed of the committee chairs. These gatherings provide the opportunity for the committees to present their initiatives and progress, and to get feedback on their ideas and directions – all in support of helping CATA move forward with consistent directions and common objectives. These directions and objectives are presented in the newly created Strategic Plan that I have previously written about in this space. The strategic plan can be found in the members’ section of the CATA webpage (  An additional meeting that took place the same weekend was that of CBoCAT.  An important development that occurred at that meeting was the emergence of Noreen Ortilla as the new Director. The CATA Board of Directors looks forward to working with Noreen on this very important aspect of the Association and we thank Darryl Thorvaldson for his stewardship in the interim. We also thank the members of CBoCAT for their hard work and commitment to CATA during this transition.

Of note, we received updates on two major issues that are each being examined by a task force. The Role Delineation Study Task Force has completed a very important step in their completion of the review of the Domain statements. This review consists of weighting tasks (or roles) in which ATs require knowledge or skill, and forms the basis of our national exam and educational competencies. The next step is for this review document to be shared for comment by stakeholders (PAC, CBoCAT, Accredited Institutions, for example). The second big initiative is our Educational Task Force. This group is examining the process by which we educate our newer members. Everything is on the table with this group, but they are examining the literature methodically to support their positions. There is a third task force that was a bit slow to start, but also very important for our certified members. This group will examine our CEU process and criteria. All three have important implications for our membership, and the reports generated will provide interesting suggestions to the Association.

Last, but not least, I invite you to Winnipeg for the 48th CATA Annual Conference. It will be held Thursday, May 29 to Saturday, May 31, and in addition to the usual assortment of educational, research, and social content, we have two keynote speakers. Dr William Levine is our educational keynote speaker. He is a renowned specialist in sports medicine shoulder, elbow, and knee surgery. As Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Columbia University, and Head Team Physician for Columbia, he provides care for its 31 intercollegiate athletic teams. With over 200 scientific presentations and 125 peer-reviewed articles he will have some interesting things to teach us. Our other keynote presentation is Tim Hague Sr. our motivational speaker. Tim surpassed the odds when he became the inaugural winner of The Amazing Race Canada following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. A registered nurse, Tim is active in the promotion of healthy, balanced lifestyles, and his message of strength and courage will leave us motivated to meet life’s challenges. We will be pumped walking out of this session!

See you in Winnipeg!

Richard DeMont

CATA President

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