December, 2013

President's Report

As we approach the end of our Fall season, and find some fully engaged in their Winter season, I write to inform you of the recent progression CATA is making on your behalf. With the direction and help of Sandy Jespersen, the CATA Board of Directors is working on providing you, our members, with more benefits and enabling you to practice more effectively. To this end, I will outline three directions we took:

Strategic Priorities

The Board identified the strategic priorities that CATA will focus on in the next 3 years and, more specifically, the outcomes we plan to achieve this year. In the coming months we will roll this plan out, but the foundation of the plan is to build greater public awareness for the AT profession through proactive public relations and social media. This will be our focus in the next 12 months.  We will be communicating the strategic priorities and additional plans to the entire membership, so stay tuned.

Annual Membership Renewal – Online Survey

As you know, members have until December 31st to renew their annual membership with CATA. You should already have received an email indicating the online process to complete this task. To serve you better, we’ve added a short survey to the renewal process. This will give us a better understanding of you, and knowing more about your practice and certifications will enable us to offer you more relevant benefits.  Over time, generating this type of information will also help us to understand trends and opportunities in how ATs practice and how we can best serve that interest.

New Insurance Program

As part of our renewal package, we are happy to offer CATA members a new professional liability insurance program. Our negotiated package has even better rates and coverage than before: Members can opt to receive $5 million/$5 million in coverage (claim/aggregate) for only $168. Less cost for similar or better coverage than the previous program is a benefit for you, and greater peace of mind. Members now get pro bono legal advice, a 75% increase in disciplinary action coverage, and unlimited tail coverage (retirement/death/disability) on retirement to name just a few new benefits. Full details can be found here.

These are just some of the ways the CATA is working to improve the AT profession and your practice.

As we are approaching the holidays, I wish for you to have happy, yet restful times with family and friends.

Richard DeMont
CATA President

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