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December, 2013

OATA Fall 2013 Report

The OATA Board of Directors wishes the entire CATA membership a happy festive season to share time with their loved ones over the Christmas season and celebrate the New Year in a safe and sound manner!!

OATA White Paper

The OATA is extremely fortunate to have the outstanding collection of authors annotating the history, present and future of the OATA. Chairperson Wendy Hampson has been joined by Joe Kenny, Frances Flint and Dr. Jamie Laws to look at the start of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association and how it led to the creation of the OATA. To our knowledge, this is the first attempt to catalogue the history of the creation of both the CATA and the OATA. Digital recordings and transcripts of all surviving original members that helped create the CATA have been interviewed.  Their experiences and memories of what it was like to create the early formation of the CATA have been documented.

The White Paper came out of our long standing efforts to become regulated and the realization that many people knew nothing of Athletic Therapy.  When we looked for a history of the CATA and the OATA there was no official documentation of the creation of either the CATA or the OATA. There are historical documents in the CATA archives but no personal accounts of the reasons for creating a national organization or the roadblocks they experienced.

This history will be shared with the CATA as it is a legacy that we wish to share with all of the members of the CATA. The OATA wishes to thank the CATA BOD for their gracious financial support of our efforts. The growth and status of the present day OATA and our efforts to become regulated will make up the present section of the paper.

The future of the OATA will be a formulation of the three authors in conjunction with input from the CG Group, and our association management team.  They will also attempt to look into the future of the role of Athletic Therapy in the Ontario healthcare network.

The CG Group have been active in many White Papers for organizations such as the Ontario Physiotherapy Association, the Ontario Pedorthic Association, and the Ontario Nursing Association. These White Papers are used by the Ministry of Health to help direct and plan the future of the Ontario Healthcare system. The finished product will land on the desks of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Colleges and Universities, as well as all the major players in the Insurance Industry.


At long last the full complement of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (CKO) board has been elected and the new Professional members and Public appointees by the government have been officially sworn in. The Registrar of the College, Brenda Kritzer has prepared a briefing for the new board and they have received our formal application to become a specialization within the College that will lead to the eventual creation of the Class within the College for Athletic Therapy. The next meeting of the whole CKO Board is December 3rd and it is hoped that there will be a meaningful discussion of the entry of Athletic Therapy into the Kinesiology College of Ontario at this meeting. On November 22, 2013 a delegation from the OATA met with the Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA) to discuss any issues with the Association with Athletic Therapy possibly entering into the OKC. No issues were found and things were left to discuss possible joint efforts in the future. This is year 8 of a 5 year process!!

Falls Prevention Program

With the Ontario Government creating a dramatic shift in the nature of funding for exercise prescription and fall prevent programs for seniors, the OATA was invited to submit a concept paper on a system of assessment, exercise prescription and group oriented exercise classes to help in the prevention of falls with the growing population of Gray Athletes. Our presentation was accepted with great interest, particularly the use of the Functional Movement Scan to generate some evidence based exercise data for the senior population. We anticipate the start of a pilot project to test the validity of our program in the New Year.

Drew Laskoski CAT(C)

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