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December, 2013

ATABC Report

This time of year is a very difficult one for members on the west coast – the wet weather limits our golf time from 7 days a week down to 4 or 5! Only three more months of this weather until we’re back up to our normal pace.

Promotional Activities

The ATABC, along with other provinces, has placed a great deal of emphasis on improving our web-presence. Over the last year, we have re-vamped our association’s website, allowing for easier integration with other social-media platforms.

At last year’s AGM, we were introduced to the power of video when integrated into your website – and have since negotiated a firm to assist in the creation of specific AT-related topics, with promotion of the profession and the association throughout the feature.

Another addition over the past year was to give our association a permanent office address and phone messaging service.

Concussion Awareness and RTP Protocol

Some members have recently been approached by amateur associations to assist in providing a framework for official RTP protocols. This important exposure to ATs on local levels will provide the basic blocks needed to build on our province-wide recognition and awareness campaign. As with all provinces looking towards regulation, the more exposure to the masses, the better the recognition by figure-heads.

Membership Numbers – 2011-present

Our numbers in 2013 saw a 14% growth in the number of Certification Candidates, with a loss of one Certified member (127 down to 126). Growth from 2011 to 2012 saw a 22% increase in Certification Candidates and a 36% growth in Certified members.

The ATABC continues to grow in strength, and spread our numbers across the province. I look forward to seeing what the current board, and future members, can do as we work towards a common goal.

Jamie Rempel
ATABC President

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