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October, 2013

Quebec Regional Report

Here is a breakdown of the things happening over here in Québec.

Membership fees
The CTSQ is now responsible for the collection of Quebec members dues (2014). So, we are making the process automated through our website with automated links and timing for change in status depending on each member’s timing of payment, etc. We have built in the ability for a payment history to be added to each member profile. Will be very helpful to our office staff.

Main Website
Have been working hard and diligently to finalize our main website. We understand the necessity to use this as a platform for marketing, maintaining a strong connection to our members as well as educating the community as a whole. As we are now taking on the collection of provincial fees starting this year, we have taken more time to ensure that the automation is maximum and seamless. We expect it to be launched before our meeting on Sept 24th.

We are beginning the process to follow up on a claim made against one of our members. I have not received an update yet from my Vice President who has this item under his mandate. However I expect to have an update for you for the time of our meeting.

ATESC concussion conference – November 2nd, 2013
Conference preparation is going really well. We are the only concussion conference in the province that is an offering open invite to the community. Have been chatting with Maxo-facial dental surgeons, regional school boards, and varsity groups, etc. High level of interest. We have 4 gold package exhibitors ready to sign up. Of note, is that our afternoon workshop series (reserved for members and allied health professionals) offers advanced evaluation and treatment skills to deal with traumatic brain injury. We expect to have a full house. Early bird price ends on Oct 9th, and youcan book up until one week in advance with banquet seat.

Concussion committee
We built an Ad Hoc concussion committee in order to define our expectations and process for standard of care for head injuries. Quebec is known to be all over the place in their approach. It was comprised of John Boulay (EMT/AT), Laura Leslie (AT/Osteo), Scott Livingston (AT/Leadership), Jennifer Ann Scott (AT/8 documented concussions), Laurie-Ann C. Berrigan (AT/Doctorate on pediatric TBIs), and Phil Fait (AT/Doctorate on concussion treatment and protocols). In 8 weeks they were able to build a draft document, have it reviewed by a well-respected neuro-psych in Montreal who wants to get it published and it will be presented at the ATESC concussion conference in November. The CTSQ is waiting for their final draft so we can review and translate.

CEC committee
We also built a standing committee called the Continuing Education Committee. This committee is tasked with building a platform for how our organization supports and directs our membership on continuing education. Working off their initial framework to have a level system in the three domains that may lead our members into the different areas should they wish to specialize. Currently the “chair” of each domain is working on developing a way to organize, implement, and manage this undertaking. Off of the plan we will work to develop expectations or suggested course priorities as well as look for holes present in our current continuing education offering and work with instructors to build courses to fill the gaps. Plan is for this to be ready in the next 5-8 years.

Payscale committee
Our last Ad Hoc Committee will be tasked with developing an appropriate strategy on how to decide and display our fee guidelines to both the public and our members. There has been heated debate in Quebec over the last number of years on this topic and we hope to work out a strategy to use this to our advantage.

Candidate committee
We really liked the idea of implementing a student committee as was done in Ontario. We have already tasked one of our board members to be the official “Candidate” board representative, and through this committee, students/candidates will have a say in how the CTSQ can support them on their path to certification. We have one candidate willing to chair this committee. We are starting to begin the process of building the rest of the committee.

New office person
In April, our current office coordinator, Andrea, will be stepping down. So, once the ATESC conference and membership fee tasks have been completed, the board will be actively looking for someone to fulfill this role. Our continual work on the website is hopefully going to reduce the amount of work and oversight needed in the office to help ease the transition.

Strategic Task Force Committee
Finally our last Ad Hoc Committee has been working to build information on two things: 1) Other allied health professionals that may be a good fit to combine for an order and 2) other provincial status, hurdles and strategies needed to achieve regulation. Richard Demont should be sending you all more in depth questions on what your provincial status and limitations are so that we can begin the process of merging our common issues and building a stronger case for regulation.

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