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October, 2013

President's Report

I hope everyone is having a successful Fall. It is traditionally a busy time of year for ATs, and that is also true of the CATA Board of Directors, committee members, and the CATA Staff.

I would like first to take the opportunity to thank two members that provided great service to the CATA. Connie Klassen, who recently served as President of the CATA, and was a elected to a Vice President role this year has resigned as BC Director. She has a long service record, and will continue it by remaining on the International Relations Committee. In August, Steve Dzubinski, resigned as the Director, Canadian Board of Certification for Athletic Therapy (CBOCAT). In this position for several years, he helped to usher in the use of a psychometrician for our certification exam. I thank both these individuals for their leadership. As you have seen via eblast there was a call for nominations for BC Director. We hope to have someone in this position soon. As well, Darryl Thorvaldson was appointed Interim-Director for CBOCAT to help ease the transition.

The CATA has been busy in progressing the needs of the membership and the Association. First, we have established an Education Task Force. It is quite a wide perspective for this group made up of program directors and committee leadership. Everything regarding education and development of our certification candidates is being discussed. Another task force is examining Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Obviously more for the CAT(C) group, this task force will look at the courses and awarding of CEUs used for maintenance of Certification.

Great strides are being made to the National Certification Exam. As you can see in other areas of this newsletter, the exam length is changing. Certification Candidates should keep in mind that having a few less questions on the exam doesn’t change the knowledge, skills, and tasks they are to demonstrate on the exam. I suspect we will see other positive changes to the NCE process as a result of our task force and comments from members – including candidates.

I will give you warning about two other important events. Dates yet to be announced, but our Annual Members Meeting will take place in February. We will give a specific location for you to come in person, but online access will continue to be available for this event. The second event is CATA’S National Conference. This will take place at the end of May 2014, in Winnipeg, MB.

I wish you the best for the reminder of the year!

Richard DeMont, PhD, CAT(C), ATC

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