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June, 2013

President's Report

On behalf of the CATA and its Board of Directors, I hope that you are all enjoying some beautiful summer weather and taking some time for yourselves and your families!

This represents my final President’s Message. It has been my esteemed pleasure to have served the CATA membership as your President for the past 3 years. It was a pathway that I never envisioned myself following, but life always presents circumstances and challenges and I have never been known to steer away from a challenge – especially one that I felt was very worthwhile. I have been fortunate to have had working alongside me a phenomenal group of individuals to further the profession of athletic therapy and I am grateful to each of them for their impact on me personally and professionally.

It was great seeing everyone at the CATA Conference in Toronto. This year saw the advent of a Town Hall meeting, which is an informal opportunity for the members to interact with the CATA Board of Directors and ask some questions about the ongoing affairs of the association.  I look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s conference (47th) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In case you missed the recent announcement of the 2013 – 2014 CATA Board of Directors, your leadership team is as follows:

Director, Atlantic Provinces – Stewart Munroe
Director, Quebec – Dr. Richard DeMont
Director, Ontario – Karen Holland
Director, Manitoba – Darryl Thorvaldson
Director, Saskatchewan – Dale Pitura
Director, Alberta – Michelle Poirier
Direction, British Columbia – Connie Klassen
Director, Non-Regional – Elsa Oreccio
Director, Non-Regional – Dr. Jason Mihalik

In the next few weeks the Board of Directors will hold their elections for the Executive Officer positions, including the next CATA President!

The CATA is looking to complete the final stages of the Role Delineation Study. Please watch for a Request for Proposals in the next few weeks as the CATA seeks to hire a champion to complete that project.

At the Board of Directors and Senior Advisory Council meetings at the Toronto Conference Sandy Jespersen presented some short term, immediate goals for the CATA strategic plan and are now in the process of compiling the next 1 to 3 year plan. We look forward to the direction that Sandy will be taking the Association.

An Educational Strategic Planning Task Force was struck this past year and is being chaired by Dr. Mark Lafave. The Task Force is comprised of representatives from each of the Accredited Institutions, the Canadian Board of Certification for Athletic Therapy (CBoCAT), the Education Committee (EC) and the Program Accreditation Committee (PAC). The Task Force will be taking a hard look at various aspects of our educational and certification models, including but not limited to the SAT program, the type of National Certification Exam we should be offering, what the practical experience (including the quantity of hours) should look like. The Task Force plans to have recommendations to the CATA Board of Directors in January 2014.

Thank you to all of the CATA Committee members and volunteers that completed their terms on May 31st. A special thank you goes out to Lisa Swallow who has completed her term with the CATA Board of Directors for her years of dedication and commitment to the CATA. We wish Lisa all the best as she now directs her attention towards some personal goals!

The Board of Directors is committed to working for its membership with open communication. We encourage all members to get involved in our Association matters by communicating directly with the Board of Directors or with one of our many wonderful committees. We all volunteer our time for the Association and the Board of Directors would like to again extend its gratitude for the continued efforts of our committees and their volunteer members, and for all our members who contribute to our profession every day.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Klassen MSc CAT(C)
CATA President

Director, British Columbia

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