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April, 2013

SAT: My Motivation

First off, I am grateful for this opportunity to share the main reasons that motivate me in serving as an SAT for certification candidates.  Currently, I am an instructor at both the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.  Although I teach a variety of courses, I mainly teach courses in the Athletic Therapy program.  Thus, I am continually meeting new candidates every year and am lucky to be able to know my students personally before taking on the role as SAT.  Additionally, I am also the President of the AATA.  I’ve only served as an SAT for 4 years and since then have helped 10 students certify.

Therefore, my motivation for serving as a SAT is two-fold.  The first reason is that I once was a student that was under the guidance of an outstanding SAT who dedicated a lot of her time to help me succeed and held me to a high level of accountability.  I would like to say that as a certified athletic therapist and an instructor, I feel an obligation to pay it forward.  Secondly, as a provincial representative, I am excited to see our continual growth in membership.  Therefore, it is only fitting that I play a role in aiding and facilitating such growth.

My advice to certifeds that are interested in becoming SATs: do not take on too many students at one time.  Prepping a student for the exam is very labour intensive and involves a huge time commitment.  I usually meet with the students at least once a week 2-3 months prior to the exam date.  As we get closer to the exam date, we usually increase our meeting times to at least twice a week, where each of my students are run through a full mock clinical and field exam.

My first piece of advice to students: practice, practice, practice.  In my experience, majority of students that physically act out scenarios usually fair better than students that go over scenarios in their mind.  Secondly, do not underestimate this exam.  It important for students to feel confident going into the exam, but anticipate students must realize that this will probably be a very physically and mentally challenging exam. In parting, I would like to thank my previous students for nominating me for this award.

Breda Lau

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