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April, 2013

Mount Royal University's Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy

The Mount Royal University Athletic Therapy Students will be participating in Kin Games 2013 hosted by the University of Calgary.  They are the first group of students to ever represent MRU at the Kin Games.  Fundraising efforts will initially cover participation costs and additional funds will be donated to charity.  To fundraise for this event and to organize other future events, the MRU’s athletic therapy students played a pivotal role in establishing the Physical Education and Recreation Studies (PERS) Club under the Student Associations of Mount Royal University (SAMRU).  Currently, the Club’s Board membership is completely made up of athletic therapy students.  The MRU Kin Team assembled by the PERS Club consists of 18 athletic therapy students and 6 students from other PERS programs.

“I think this is something pretty cool. It is not just ATs although it is mostly ATs … I am hoping that I will be able to pass the club onto someone next year that is in another program so that it is turned into a PERS Student Association that will include Athletic Therapy and all of the other programs. Then this Student Association can potentially create bigger events for PERS and AT, and will also continue to send an MRU team to future Kin Games.”  (Mackenzie Daley, PERS Club President)

Fundraising events for the Kin Games will include:

  • Fundraising with Varsity teams
  • Exam week massages
  • Bake sales
  • Bottle drives
  • Cowboys Nightclub Fundraiser

Other fundraising efforts will consist of

  • Corporate sponsorships (Marks Work Wearhouse)
  • Donations from MRU Athletics
  • Alberta Athletic Therapy Association sponsorship
  • MRU Athletic Therapy Alumni Chapter sponsorship

Other ways the MRU AT students are contributing to the community:

  • Partnering with Alberta Children’s Hospital to create injury brochures
  • Providing workshops and hosting tours at MRU for high school sport medicine classes
  • Providing inservices at local high schools within their sport medicine programs

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