April, 2013

President's Letter

On behalf of the CATA and its Board of Directors, I hope that spring has finally arrived in your area of the country. With the spring season comes renewed energy as things are beginning to grow around us, and we already begin anticipating the summer holidays that will soon be upon us!

The Board of Directors had a great weekend of discussions at its annual Winter meetings (Feb 21 – 23, 2013) in Toronto, Ont. The meetings were held in the days leading up to the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM), with the Senior Advisory Council (SAC) in attendance for a portion of the meetings. The BOD and its SAC spent the last morning focused on a presentation by Sandy Jespersen, CATA Executive Director, forming the foundation of the next CATA Strategic Plan. The presentation was a summation of a recent SWOT Analysis—Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats—that identified the goal of building the awareness and profile of the Athletic Therapy profession and of the CATA, and increasing the value we offer to members in supporting membership growth and retention. The proposed framework for the new strategic plan will focus on the following areas:

  1. Advancement of the Profession
    • - Build awareness of and demand for Athletic Therapy.
  2. Grow & Retain Membership
    • - Greater engagement of CATA members.
  3. Grow the Revenue Stream
    • - Build non-membership revenue via sponsors, donors, events, etc.
  4. Build CATA’s Brand Equity
    • - Among the membership, key stakeholders, and the public.
  5. Equip & Engage Volunteers
    • - Formalize roles/goals, knowledge transfer, communications, recognition.
  6. Optimize Operations

The 2013 Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) was held February 23, 2013 at York University in Toronto, Ontario and via webcast. Thank you to Kelly Parr for assisting with the logistics for supporting the in-person portion of the meeting at York University. Although a slight delay to the start of the meeting was needed to obtain quorum, the meeting did proceed with the majority of the members in attendance via the webcast. Highlights from the AMM included the membership voting to approve the following:

Amendments to By-Law No.1 that had been circulated prior to the meeting. Please refer to the CATA website for the most up to date version of By-Law No.1.

Long term service award recognizing certified athletic therapists that have maintained their status continuously for 25 years.

The CATA’s National Office in Calgary has officially moved to its new location. As indicated in the announcement of the new Calgary location, even with the operation of two offices—national office in Calgary and Executive Director’s office suite in Toronto—the CATA will be saving $10,000 annually by moving its operations into shared office spaces from its current one-office location. Additionally, the BOD continues its overview and restructuring of the CATA’s administrative procedures. A special thanks to Lisa Swallow (CATA Secretary), Elsa Orecchio (CATA Treasurer), and Karen Holland (Director—Ontario) for their ongoing work reviewing the CATA P&P manual and working towards standardizing the documents and aligning our policies with the recently amended—and approved—By-Law No. 1.

The CATA has recently adopted an online nominations and elections process for our regional and non-regional director terms set to begin June 1. Nominations & elections for directors from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Atlantic Provinces, and 1 non-regional director are currently underway. We would like to acknowledge the work of Trevor Len and Paul Brisebois from our Member Services Committee for working with our web developer to create the online nominations and elections process. Additionally, the BOD has adopted new call-for-application templates, and you will begin to see—if you have not already—similarly structured call-for-applications for all available committee positions. As terms will end May 31 for many committee members, we encourage all of those interested in joining any committee to review your e-blasts carefully.

The CATA Board of Directors and National Office staff looks forward to seeing you all at the 46th Annual CATA Conference at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario from May 23 – 25, 2013!

The Board of Directors is committed to working for its membership with open communication. We encourage all members to get involved in our Association matters by communicating directly with the Board of Directors or with one of our many wonderful committees. We all volunteer our time for the Association and the Board of Directors would like to again extend its gratitude for the continued efforts of our committees and their volunteer members, and for all our members who contribute to our profession every day.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Klassen MSc CAT(C)
CATA President

Director, British Columbia

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