April, 2013

APATA Update

APATA would like to acknowledge all the therapists throughout the CIS for their continual passion and hard work in yet another successful university sport season. A special note of congratulations goes out to all the Atlantic universities that won the opportunity to represent their conferences with pride in their respective national championships (especially the UNB Varsity Reds who won yet another CIS title in Men’s Hockey).

APATA has set the date for their Annual Members’ Meeting to be held at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax on April 20th. This year, we are proud to be broadcasting the meeting through a webcast to allow access to all members. Obviously because of our vast geographical disparity that extends through four provinces, we have traditionally had trouble with attendance at our annual meeting. So, because of this increased accessibility, I am looking forward to the discussion/attendance at our upcoming meeting. 

Congratulations to Kurt Stevenson, CAT(C) from Saint Mary’s University, on being selected as a member of the Core Medical Team for the International University Sports Foundation (FISU) Summer Games in Kazan, Russia in July, 2013. Best of luck Kurt!

Finally, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest member, Tyler Paturel CAT(C), who is returning to his native Nova Scotia after spending time in Saskatchewan as a member of the SATA.


Colin King

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