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January, 2013

Student Corner - Concordia

Concordia University EATA Conference

I was asked to represent Concordia at the EATA conference as part of Team Canada for the first International Student Quiz Bowl. Team Canada consisted of two AT students from Sheridan College (Jessie Dalton and Mike Robinson), one from York University (Brandon Downing) and myself. The evening before our competition, the EATA students had their 6th annual EATA Quiz Bowl where about 30 different students each representing a different school competed to earn one of the three top spots which would give them a ticket to the 2013 NATA Student Quiz Bowl held in Las Vegas in June. The top four students from this bowl formed Team USA who we competed against the following day during the International Student Quiz Bowl. Being able to see the competition the night before allowed us to determine the types of questions that were being asked, scope out the competition, and determine what we needed to brush up on before our competition! The following day, we were pretty intimidated as the USA cheering section was about 100 people whereas we had about 7 Canadians in the audience. We managed to pull out in front right away in the competition and remained there for most of the time. At the end of the normal questions, there was only a 300 point margin between the two teams, with Canada ahead. We decided to bet it all minus one dollar on the last category: the wrist and hand. Luckily, we got the final Jeopardy question correct while Team USA couldn't come up with it, and we ended up winning by a significant margin!

I definitely would not change a thing about my experience at the EATA conference, not only do we now have bragging rights for an entire year, but we were the very first team to win the International Quiz Bowl. I was initially terrified that the competition was going to involve us competing as individuals and having to public speak. This wasn't the case at all in the end; all answers were submitted via a multiple choice clicker and we were able to work as a team.

The EATA conference was very well run and has lots of appeal for the student population. There is extensive opportunity for networking and a an entire set of lectures for students-only; there are even lectures specifically for those who are interested in writing the BOC exam. Myself and the other members of Team Canada are planning on returning next year to help cheer on the new Team Canada! I feel as this opportunity has not only given me more connections in the AT field, but it is also a great opportunity for those interested in writing the NATA exam. My hope is that the cheering section for Team Canada will be at least doubled at the next Quiz Bowl!

Sarah Rose
Athletic Therapy Certification Candidate, Concordia University

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