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January, 2013

Meet your Board of Directors - Michele Poirier

Michele Poirier, BKin, CAT (c), MPAS, CCPA
Alberta Director

Haywood, Manitoba

What year did you become a Certified Athletic Therapist?

Educational experiences
I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary with a major in Athletic Therapy through Mount Royal University. Upon completing certification with the CATA I took on a very active field role covering mainly hockey and rugby. I also worked in Primary Care helping increase physical activity for patients with chronic medical illnesses. I then completed my graduate degree in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Place of employment
I am the Active Living Coordinator with Mosaic Primary Care Network. My AT skillset in addition to knowledge from my graduate studies allows me to work with a clinical population that has multiple high risk co-morbidities in trying to help them make a healthy lifestyle change so that pharmacotherapy may be reduced and overall quality of life improved. To remain active in the field, I also work with a Bantam AAA boys hockey team at Edge School for Athletes.

Board experience and current mandates
I joined the CATA Board of Directors in July 2012 to serve as the Alberta Director. This has given me a lot of new insight to the CATA that I am excited to share with others to see the profession grow. In my role, I act as a liaison between the BOD and the Program Accreditation Committee, Member Services Committee, as well as assisting with the National Office Space Search.

Current and previous committee experience
As a young therapist, I had the opportunity to become involved with the certification exam as a National Examiner. I have been a model and examiner in both the clinic and field stations, both in English and in French.

Personal information
I live in Calgary, Alberta with my fiancé (Mario). We are planning our wedding for the summer of 2013. My hobbies have taken the backseat to my own personal training for the Honolulu Marathon as well as the Goofy Race at Walt Disney World, Florida. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and am forever grateful for their love and support.

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