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January, 2013

OATA Report


What is the EATA?

The Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association is made up of two Districts with close to 8,000 members

District #1 has six state Associations:
Maine Athletic Trainers’ Association
Athletic Trainers of Massachusetts
Connecticut Athletic Trainer’s Association
New Hampshire Athletic Trainers’ Association
Rhode Island Athletic Trainers’ Association
Vermont Association of Athletic Trainers

District #2 has four state Associations:

Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society, Inc
Delaware Athletic Trainers Association
New York State Athletic Trainers Association
Athletic Trainer’s Society of New Jersey

What is Quiz Bowl?

Quiz Bowl is a regularly-scheduled competition that challenges participants on topics in sports medicine. The EATA created this competition to include the students in their organization in a fun, yet challenging test of what they had learned over their academic endeavors.

The EATA sponsorship director Bob O’Malley and a stranger to no one within the CATA Gene Verel attended the OATA AGM/ Information Day in April 2012 where a challenge was extended to the OATA to attend the first ever International Quiz Bowl. The format was a Jeopardy-style competition with topics ranging from anatomy, orthopedic special tests, common injuries etc. Team Canada members were Jessie Dalton and Michael Robinson from Sheridan College, Brandon Downing from York University and Sarah Rose from Concordia University. The EATA competitors were the winners from District 1 and 2 who had won the previous night. (The EATA winners will go to the NATA National conference to compete against the rest of their nation. I forgot to mention the NATA conference is in Las Vegas in June and if you have the opportunity to go, take the plunge as it usually draws around 7-8 thousand Athletic Trainers. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!)

Like a nervous dad watching his children I had to restrain myself from leaping and shouting “Yes” with each correct answer our team nailed. Sheridan Professor Kirsty McKenzie was bouncing in her chair with her usual quiet and demur style and I thought we were going to have to tie fellow Sheridan Professor Surinder Budwal to the chair as he muttered repeatedly “They better know this, we just covered it”.

The competition was fast, furious and very exciting as the lead changed back and forth. In final Jeopardy the correct answer of Kienboch’s Disease wrapped up the first International Quiz Bowl Competition for Team Canada. Who cares about the World Junior Hockey Championships!!

Congratulations to Team Canada!!!

It is the hope of the OATA BOD to continue to foster a stronger relationship with the EATA as they share many of the same challenges that we in Ontario and across our nation experience every day. Regulation, improved insurance coverage, best practice policies, evidence-based treatment and stable employment are just a small sampling of those challenges.

The OATA BOD would especially like to thank Karen Shatford for stepping in to populate the OATA booth at the EATA exhibitors' session. Her selfless actions help reaffirm our belief in our membership.

Minor Traumatic Brain Initiative (mTBI) is about to release a new concussion pocket card that has a target audience of athletes, parents, teacher coaches, community coaches, sport trainers and Athletic Therapists. By the time you read this article you will be able to find the Concussion tool on the OATA web site at:

This is the culmination of a one year project that included the review of over 3000 concussion- related articles and in external review by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The full research proposal can be found on the Concussions Ontario website at:


Provincial politics has impacted on the OATA’s quest for regulation. With our Premier stepping down and Proroguing the Legislative Assembly (Yes I had to look it up as well. Here is the explanation. “Prorogation is the end of a session of government — not a recess or adjournment — meaning all private members bills and committee sessions die] There is also a real likelihood that the government headed by whoever replaces Dalton McGuinty will fall fairly quickly and we will be into an election. What this means to Athletic Therapy is that the Kinesiology Act may not be proclaimed as scheduled on April 1, 2013. Nevertheless, we can only continue to work with the Kinesiology Transitional Council, make sure we have all our collective ducks in place and act as soon as " things get back to "normal. The term ‘hurry up and wait’ certainly comes to mind.

The OATA BOD would like to thank the CATA BOD for allowing us to answer questions about regulation and where things stand just before Christmas and we thank the CATA Board for its continued support of our goal of provincial regulation that will confirm us as primary healthcare professionals.

CATA Hires New ED

Welcome Sandy Jespersen to the world of Athletic Therapy and fasten your seat belt for an interesting ride!!! Maybe our Western brothers and sisters can introduce you to mechanical bull riding to prepare you for pre-AGM meetings. To all my colleagues across our great nation, good luck in 2013 ---- and since the Mayans were wrong, we do have to pay off our credit cards.


Drew Laskoski CAT(C) President OATA

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